A body wrap is a spa treatment experience and can also be called a body ‘cocoon’. It begins with some kind of exfoliation, which is a fancy word that means removing dead skin cells. 

A nourishing oil or mineral-rich formula is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped in cotton, mylar bandages or a plastic film. This promotes the extraction of dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin.

Body Wrap


The Coco Butter Deep Moisturizing Wrap is the strongest of all body wraps because it is enriched with all the essential vitamins, moisture, anti-irate ingredients, anti-oxidants, and much more. This particular wrap is that with gentle circular massage-like movements, the client can feel rejuvenated with the butter spread all over their body. The body of the client from any Massage Centre in Mysore will be recharged with its lost moisture when covered with this butter and the skin will hydrate itself with this refreshing wrap. 

The exotic goodness of this wrap wouldn’t want you to miss out, so book an appointment right away at Athman Wellness Spa in Mysore! 

SCRUBS FROM ATHMAN Morocco Red Clay Body Wrap

A red clay and grapefruit essential oil body mask combines with a purifying body wrap to draw out toxins and deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. Grapefruits and geranium elevate your senses. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Body Wrap
Body Wrap

BODY SCRUBS FROM ATHMAN Aloe & Lavender Body Wrap

Aloe Vera gel infused with Lavender essential oils penetrates deeply to replenish and restore the skin’s natural balance and vitality. Lavender and chamomile oils calm and relax the spirit while balancing the body. This body wrap treatment is soothing and great for sunburned skin.

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