Diploma Courses at Athman

Diploma Courses at Athman
What do we Offer?

Diploma Courses at Athman

  • Diploma in Spa Management.
  • Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy.
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapy.
  • Diploma in Pain Management.
  • Assistant Physiotherapy.

Diploma in Spa Management

The main aim of the Certificate in Spa Management programme is to equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in employment in the spa industry at supervisory or management level. Should students be interested in expanding their knowledge into the general hospitality management field, then the 12 course Hospitality & Spa Management Diploma will offer a range of skills, techniques, and paths for progression into the hospitality industry.

Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy

Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy course mainly designed for students who want to work in International hotels and cruise liners. This course enables the student to understand about the day today functions of a spa apart from the different therapies. The student will learn how to interact with client, team members, management and how to deliver the therapies and massages in a professional way. The certificate holder can apply in any organization with 100% confidence. We open a prosperous feature for the passed-out students as a family member. This course in spa therapy is best suited for those who have a deep interest in holistic health Candidates who are interested in a career in the wellness or hospitality industry must enroll in diploma in spa therapy.

Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapy

We specialize in offering diploma in ayurvedic training to the students. The Ayurveda course has a huge market potentials and many ayurvedic hospitals and centers are seeking for skilled professionals from this field. We have qualified teachers who hold immense expertise in this field and offer our students reliable and useful training. Apart from theory we also conduct various practical classes which help in better understanding and grasping of the course. The course is designed in various duration time to suit the needs of the students.

Diploma in Pain Management

The Diploma is intended for general Physicians & Specialists who wish to specialize in Pain Management. The Diploma will provide healthcare professionals with the most advance multidisciplinary approaches and technologies for the care & management of both acute and chronic pain. The objective of this course is to improve the students’ knowledge and clinical practice in pain management and ensure standardized, high-quality patient care. This course is relevant for all healthcare professionals who care for patients suffering from acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Assistant Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Assistant program, you'll learn to support people whose ability to function and adapt has been impaired or compromised due to injury, illness, or conditions affecting participation in daily activities. Once you complete the Physiotherapist Assistant program, you'll have the knowledge, skills and ability to work under supervised practice with registered physiotherapists to provide rehabilitation services to improve people's quality of life.

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